Photo of a V22 Osprey in a blue sky over La Jolla

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Useful links

  • Morse code translator here
    1982 big game here
    A sermon from John Schule here.

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    Bonsai Status Report #1

    I have a Chinese Elm I got from Amazon (!). I kept it inside for a couple of months during with winter and it grew some runners. When the warm weather started to return, I moved it outside and cut off the runners. Here is what it looks like now:

    It looks pretty scraggly, so I cut off all the foliage on the top and they are starting to bud:

    It still looks woody.

    My question: should I cut away the woody parts? If so, how severely? I am aiming for something like this:

    I am also trying to grow seedlings and cuttings from my river birch. I have several pots with cuttings in them that I have just left under the birch as it dropped its seeds this year. There is a lot going on in this pot: . You can see the cuttings (very slow to deploy their leaves), the seedlings from last year and the seeds form this year.

    I plan to just leave them out until winter and water them. If anyone sees anything else I should do, please let me know.

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    Affect or effect?

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    “Away All Boats” resources

  • The book
  • The movie

  • USS Belinda
    Ormsby class transports here
    Landing craft, etc.

  • amtracks
  • LCT – Landing Craft, Tank
  • LST – Landing Ship, Tank
  • LCVP – Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel
  • LCM
  • Places
    Looking at the maps really gives you a sense of how remote these places were.

  • Mankin island map
  • Kwajalein island map
  • Siapan
  • Leyte Gulf
  • Okinawa
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    laissez le bon temps rouler!

    Just a test.

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    Black hole in the center of the Milky Way

    This short video from the UCLA group says a lot.

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    Maybe it’s time to start posting again

    Read got this from Claudia the Great.

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    Problem Report Form

    I was thinking about how intractable some of the problems we face are and how nice it would be if there a government office to help us with them. Then I realized there would be a form you would fill out. To be truly governmental, the form would:

    1. Have vague, misordered questions.
    2. Not give enough space to write an answer.
    3. In the insufficient space, have lines that were too close together for normal people to use.
    4. Have weird codes in a different font at the header and footer.
    5. have vague, misleading and insufficient instructions about what would be done with the information on the form and would would do it.
    6. Have part labelled FOR OFFICE USE ONLY filled with boxes of unknown, but vaguely threatening fields.
    7. Give absolutely no assurance that the information would be kept confidential.

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    Mr. Squishy – Part 3

    “Mr. Squishy – Part 3″ from the collection “Oblivion” by David Foster Wallace”

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